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Airtel Leased Line Ludhiana

Get you leased line services for commercial purpose at very cheap cost which is brought to you by our website.

We are one among the best online sellers and dealers leading the in the leasing products and services of the Airtel Broadband. We are one of the registered trusted private organized corporations which offer best quality of Airtel, Broadband and leased line of Airtel. Our main slogan revolves around the trust and quality which we are forwarding through our webpage across the globe. We also deliver our online registration services on free of costs, so feel free to visit our office branches for any types of services regarding our products of Airtel and others. We deliver ILP which refers to Internet Leased Port for the Business customers. We offer ILP on a cost-effective premium in to meet dedicated bandwidth requirements to support critical business applications. Through this ILP services we gained the benefits of Service Availability, Latency and Packet Drop. Our other products and services offered through our webpage include online registration and customer care support through 24 hours whole year.

Airtel Leased Line Services in Ludhiana

Our Website also renders the terms and conditions regarding the downloading which other corporation never mentions in their policies. We are the one that deliver correct prices and charges of the Airtel Services 4 G, 3G or 2G. Our website is one and only which provides a great role in increasing the right and perfect knowledge regarding the Airtel Plans and Packages. For downloading we refer correct time and correct info of the mbps charges which includes as - Movie downloads in 3 minutes: Download Speed – 42 Megabits/sec, File size taken as 940 Megabytes, Calculation - 940x8 = 7520 Megabits, Download time: 7520/42 = 179 seconds and Time in minutes = 3 minutes - Photo album uploads in less than 1 minute: Upload speed = 12 Megabits/sec, 1 Album = 40 photos, 1 Photo size = 2 Megabytes, Calculation: (40x2 ) * 8 = 640 Megabits, Upload time: 640/12 = 53.33 seconds and Time in minutes – Less than 1 Min. - Download a song in a second: Download speed = 42 Megabits/sec, 1 Song Size - 5 Megabytes, Calculation: 5x8 = 40 Megabits / 42 = .95sec and Time in seconds – 1 second

Plans of Airtel Leased Line in Ludhiana

We deliver our different plans for the customers through them can gain a lot of benefits. We render new connections to our customers on valuable rates. We also offer good and unlimited packages for the clients which they enjoy whole months or years. The plans and packages for meant for the saving of our customers so as to make them feel relaxed whole month. The users can get the correct information regarding the DTH and its plans and packages through our official website URL http://www.airtelbroadbandchandigarh.co.in/ or can make a direct call at the toll free number of our office 9888886172.


One Time Charges

Annual Recurring Charges







4Mbps (1:1)















Benefits of Airtel Leased Line Ludhiana

We represent Corporate Internet Service for Business Users along with number of benefits for the customers including as: 1. Guaranteed Bandwidth 2. Highly secure Internet access 3. Converged application support – Voice, Video, Data like e-commerce, web applications, Enterprise wide applications, Video conferencing etc 4. Useful for businesses that host Internet Services for commercial and business activities. 5. ILP can also be utilized to transfer large amount of data over the Internet. 6. Highly flexible, cost effective and scalable to adapt to future needs 7. Internet bandwidth provisioning starts from 64 Kbps and scales up to multiple of STM-1 capacities 8. International route redundancy - connectivity through two different routes – Trans – Atlantic, Trans –Pacific 9 End-to-End connectivity, including an Airtel owned and operated last mile network

Reviews amd Customer Support

Our customer support for the following services and products are available through our website and also through our toll free services. We offer our online registration and bookings for the following products through our webpage on free. We deal our best and best servicing to our customers in order to make their communication useful and clear for them. Let us remind our registered and new customers we offer them online registration services within few minutes through our well skilled customer care team staff who are in service for our clients on 24/7/365. We friendly invite our customer to get the benefits of our services and products by just a call on 9888886172 or through a short visit on our URL http://www.airtelbroadbandchandigarh.co.in/ and make us pleasure to serve you.

Our corporation offers an ample array of opportunities for the unemployed and experienced youth in order to decrease the graphics of unemployment and also promotes their business to the higher levels. Thousands of employees who are working in corporation who are fully satisfied by their services as the industry render best salary and creates friendly environment, so that the employee gets adjusted easily.
Their main aim is customer's satisfaction and their work according to the needs and requirements of their users. The corporation provides best and unique services at reasonable rates, to their employees. The corporation always welcomes energetic and passionate users, those who are interested in working with www.airtelbroadbandchandigarh.co.in. can check the given link and look for different opportunities within the corporation and can apply, and can make their future secure and bright. For the further details and support of the corporation make a hassle free call at the rendered number which is absolutely free of charge including as 9888884172.

Mission of Our Webpage

Our mission is to make communication between the nears and dears easy and comfortable at low rates through their offers and plans. The worldwide users are praising and encouraging the services of our webpage. Customers can get further details and descriptions of our services and products through our well known URL http://www.airtelbroadbandchandigarh.co.in/ or by making a direct call at our certified and registered number which is absolutely toll free as 9888886172. Our online customer care is offering its services with full of sincerity and with instant respond regarding the queries and complaints of users.

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Airtel 4G in Chandigarh as the users know that it makes life easier of all...
Airtel 4G in Chandigarh as the users know that it makes life easier...
Airtel 4G in Chandigarh as the users know that it makes life....
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